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21 things to add to your home gym in 2015.
Features the GoFit Extreme Massage Roller. "GoFit's latest roller offers a patent-pending design for relieving pain in trigger points (muscle knots) and loosening up stiff muscles. Foam rolling has also been proven to increase hip range of motion and provide recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness."

AZ Sports & Lifestyle Magazine

Fitness gear.
Features the GoFit Massage Roller. "A great way to increase flexibility and speed up post-workout recover is through target-point therapy or self massage. The GoFit Massage Roller is a great tool to awaken tired muscles pre-workout, and to help knead aching muscles post-workout.

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Best home fitness equipment for every budget.
Features the GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel and Plyo box. "Gym memberships are great, but sometimes a trip to the gym just isn't practical. And while bodyweight exercises are a simple substitute for traditional strength training, it's a good idea to start building an arsenal of home fitness...

Prevention Magazine

Your new favorite toning tool: The Plyo Box.
Features the GoFit Plyobox. "Doing exercises on a plyo box will help improve your strength, balance and power—all while skyrocketing calorie burn. Use one at your gym (a flat, sturdy bench works too) or keep one at home. We like the GoFit Premium Wood Plyo Box. Try to do 2 or 3 sets...