C2 Pro Reformer

C2-Pro Standard Leg Studio Pilates Reformer

$2,500 CAD ($2,200 USD)


The C2-Pro RC is the fifth generation of our extremely popular C Series reformer. This revised model builds on the excellent reputation of our best-selling C2-Pro reformer, with the introduction of our new patent pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar, together with a host of refinements to enhance the machines excellent Studio credentials. 

C2 Pro Pilates Reformer

Our new C2-Pro RC features our new Rapid Change spring bar, radically alters the ease and speed of adjusting your reformer as spring bar can be adjusted with springs attached, with one hand in a single action. This is particularly beneficial as it saves time during a group class environment. Also with its ability to stack/stand, you can save space in your Pilates Studio!


  • Class leading 106.5cm of smooth travel Class-leading travel – 106.5cm, up from 100.5cm on the C1 model
  • Large and comfortable carriage bed& Large & comfortable carriage 92cm x 58cm
  • 4 Nylon Wheel System Anodized aluminium runners with a self centring carriage design, with matched 4 wheel system for smooth and low maintenance operation
  • 4 Lockable foot bar positions Lockable foot bar with 4 positions including flat
  • Patent Pending Rapid Change Spring barPatent pending rapid change spring bar for the fastest spring bar changes available, using one hand
    and a single action. Watch features video►
  • Quick and easy rope adjustments Rapid rope length adjustment system that adjusts both ropes simultaneously, with 7 rope length variations
  • Choice of 2 Leg Heights Choice of heights, either standard 24cm height or, 42cm with optional leg extensions
  • Adjustable Shoulder and head Rests Improved 3 position headrest. Removable & lockable shoulder rest with new off centred shoulder pads to give a choice of two widths.
  • Adaptable with Full & Hall Cadillac options The C2 is compatible with the Half Cadillac and Full Cadillac
  • Space saving- can stack/stand & be wheeled Space-saving – The C2-Pro can be wheeled for ease of movement and storage, it can be stacked and can “free stand” when selected with either the optional free standing feet or the extension leg option
  • Commercially Warranted Light commercial warranty 27.5 hours per week (this applies to all Studio reformers)

Available add ons

Leg Extension (C Series)
CAD: $180.00USD: $135.00
Free Standing Legs (C Series)
CAD: $90.00USD: $70.00
Platform Extender (C Series)
CAD: $90.00USD: $70.00
Mat Converter (C Series)
CAD: $260.00USD: $200.00
Jump Board (C Series)
CAD: $150.00USD: $115.00
Half Cadillac Frame (C Series)
CAD: $1500.00USD: $1200.00
Half Cadillac Bracket (C Series)
CAD: $100.00USD: $80.00
Full Cadillac Frame (C Series)
CAD: $2800.00USD: $2200.00
Full Cadillac Bracket (C Series)
CAD: $100.00USD: $80.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer?

The C2-Pro RC includes all Springs, Ropes & Handles to enable you to practice straight after the assembly of the Reformer. All of our commercial Reformers also come with a free Foot Strap as standard.

What is the Rapid Change (RC) Spring bar and how does it differ from a normal spring bar?

The Rapid Change RC Spring bar is the new patent pending Spring bar from Align-Pilates. A traditional spring bar is used in conjunction with a separate carriage stopped and this can take up to 12 actions to change on a 5 spring reformer. The RC spring bar features integral carriage stoppers and is adjusted with the springs attached, it can be moved with one hand in a single action saving 3 to 11 additional actions every time you move the spring bar. The RC spring bar is a game changer in group reformer classes and it also prevents incorrect carriage stopper positions and the possibility of leaving your springs in a stressed position, which will reduce their life and performance. Watch video here!

What accessories can I have with my C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer?
  • Gondola Pole – 60″ / 32″
  • Platform Extender
  • Leg Extensions (raise bed to 42cm)
  • Freestanding Legs
  • Jump Board
  • Sitting Box
  • Planking Handles
  • Pro Rope Adjusters
  • Half Cadillac
  • Mattress Converter
  • Full Cadillac
  • Neck Pillow
Can I purchase my C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer with a different leg height?

Yes! We have bundles readily available if you want to purchase your C2- Pro RC With Leg Extensions. We also have our C2-Pro RC With Free Standing Legs.

What are the benefits of the different leg heights on the C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer?

There are multiple considerations about getting the right Leg Height for you and your clients. Whilst primarily it’s a preference, you may wish to consider people’s comfort on sitting on a low leg Reformer vs. those sitting on a machine higher off the ground. Furthermore, if you or your client will be doing standing exercises, the user may feel more at ease performing lower to the ground. As standard all A & C series Reformers are supplied in low-leg form, but each has the ability to raise in height, at any time, should you require.

Do you offer Cadillac bundles with the C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer?
  • C2-Pro RC Half Cadillac Bundle
  • C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer Full Cadillac Bundle
What are the dimensions for the C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer?
  • C2-Pro RC (Reformer only) –239.5 (L) x 66 (W) x 24cm (H)
  • C2-Pro RC (With leg extensions) – 239.5 (L) x 66 (W) x 42cm (H)
  • Standing height for storage – 240cm
  • Weight – 59kg (GW)
What's the max user weight for the C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer?

Max User Weight is 150KG

Is the C2-Pro RC Pilates Reformer the best reformer for me?

The C2-Pro RC is our best-selling Reformer which offers versatility, studio performance for incredible value for money. It’s a fantastic choice for a growing Studio who may wish to adapt the Reformer over a period of time, those that may wish to stand the Reformer upright, stack for storage, or wheel in between classes. Or, those looking to buy a Home Reformer which shares characteristics of a Studio Reformer for unrivalled value for money.