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The new GoFit Double Thick Waist Trimmer doubles down on performance features for high-end effectiveness. The thick neoprene offers superior heat retention for muscles while delivering greater back support. The Double Thick Waist Trimmer is longer in length for larger sizes. •Double Thick, 6mm Neoprene •New 10" width - 46" fits larger size and is fully adjustable to all sizes in between •Superior back and core support •Retains more heat for muscles •Sheds more water weight. Master Pack: 4

The GoFit Wrist Straps are designed to increase the amount of weight that one can lift by improving the grip around the bar. The strap acts as a support by taking off some of the weight of the hands and fingers, shifting it to the wrist and back of the forearm. The lifting straps are great for doing shrugs, lat pulldowns, low pulls, pull-ups and any exercise that requires a firm grip. The straps allow you to lift more weight for longer periods of time, which in turn, helps you realize your goals much faster. Good luck and good lifting.

Master Pack: 4

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