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ESSENTIALS CHHOTA BOLSTER, Provides the perfect support for your knees, low back, neck and head. It’s the perfect density and shape for supporting back bends, hip openers, flexibility and deep relaxation. All of our bolster covers are made from 100% Cotton and are removable and machine washable. Side Carry handles for easy transport. Made with your choice of Natural Cotton fill or Natural Buckwheat Hull Fill. Inner lining is zipper accessible for easy adjustments of filling.

Our new CHHOTA bolster is smaller than a traditional version, giving you the opportunity to fit it different positions during your practice.  The CHHOTA is very comfortable, firm, yet nimble.  It’s a great compliment to your larger bolster and perfect for the kids as well.


  • Side carry handles for easy transport
  • Made in Natural Cotton fill and Natural Buckwheat Hull Fill
  • The inner lining is zipper accessible for easy adjustments of filling

Dimensions:  24” X 6” X 3.5”
Outer Material: 100% cotton

Inner Material: your choice- Natural Cotton or Natural Buckwheat Hull Fill

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